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International best-selling author of Harvard Effect, and Co-Emmy winner for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media in the area of Social TV Experience. Known as one of the top five speakers under the age of 40 in America, JLB has helped the family business generate over $100 million in sales with a weekly reach of over two million people online in the area of personal growth and business development. In the words of Bob Proctor, “I saw Les Brown Jr. speak when he was about 15 years old, and he had the audience in the palm of his hand.”



"The Pope OF The Temple of Hip Hop"

John-Leslie Brown speaks internationally to both young and mature audiences. His core message is, “We must be more dedicated to our destinies than we are to our distractions.” In his 2 latest inspirational audio series entitled ‘Claim Your Destiny’ and ‘The Leadership Shift’, John-Leslie has found a unique way of translating success principals into a digestible format that engages and challenges listeners to achieve their most heartfelt desires. “Failure begins, when effort ends” “Don’t let your group, destroy your greatness”. “If you don’t claim your destiny, your destiny won’t claim you”. These are just a few of his original saying’s that cause venues to roar with applause when his content is introduced. Recently being named one of the top 40 speakers under the age of 40 in America, he knows that his most important duty as a speaker is not to sale data to the mind, instead he sets out to shift the data of the heart. The Los Angeles Clippers and Success Teens International awarded him the (HNAA) Humanitarian Neighborhood Alliance Award at the Staple Center for his work with young adults. His goal is to impact and inspire a new generation of high achievers. John-Leslie has toured with his father, Les Brown for the past two decades speaking to large groups since the age of 10. Presenting before corporate executives in sold out arenas with as many as 20,000 people in attendance. People don’t just get motivated after hearing him, they leave equipped with the necessary tools in order to compete and win in a global economy. John-Leslie is focused forward in building on the family business and training new leaders to use their voices as a force for greatness.


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"We must be more dedicated to our destinies than we are to our distractions."  - John-Leslie Brown

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As a Leadership Consultant & Keynote Speaker John-Leslie Brown has over 20 Years of Experience.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker LBJ knows how to shift the energy in the room and centers the focus around a message that propels people to take new actions in their lives.

Corporate Trainer

LBJ was trained to do intensive corporate research and customize a presentation around a companies goals and themes.  Reinvigorating the entire global village from the mail room to the c-suite.

Best-Selling Author

The Amazon best-selling book Harvard Effect became number one in three different categories. His writings inspire people to create generational wealth and to leave an immortal impact .

What Audiences Say About Les Brown Jr?

As Seen On TV

The Los Angeles Clippers and Success Teens International awarded LBJ the Humanitarian Neighborhood Alliance Award (HNAA) at the Staples Center specifically for his inspirational speaking work with young entrepreneurs and in 2017, after releasing his International Best-Selling book, he moved from Crenshaw and Slauson, CA, invested in higher learning and became a student at Harvard Extension School to study lessons and modern presidential leadership in Cambridge, MA.

~Alex Mandossian & Kane Minkus ~

"John-Leslie Brown is a master teacher and motivator who has been empowering large groups since his teenage years"

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"What's The Point Of A Masters Degree If You Don't Have A Master Plan?" - JLB

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